Here comes Peter Cottontail hoping down the bunny trail… Who else thinks of this song when you think of rabbits? We just love this song and every time we see today’s rabbit it pops in our head! That’s right; we’re taking a stroll in our own backyard to see today’s rabbit! Do you have guess on who it is?


   Range/Habitat: Southeastern Canada- Central America-parts of Europe/ forests,

grasslands, suburbs

   Diet: Herbivore: grass, bark, twigs

   Length/Weight: 15-19”/2 ¼-3 ¼ lb

   Conservation Status: Common



Fun Facts:

  • Eastern Cottontails have reddish brown fur.
  • They are mostly solitary animals.
  • Eastern cottontails have fluffy white tails.
  • They are most active at dawn and dusk (crepuscular).
  • Eastern cottontails use burrows dug by other animals.
  • Eastern cottontails thump the ground often as a warning

We love to see Eastern Cottontails out in the yard munching on some clover. You have to be very quite because they can move fast! Hop! Hop! Hop!

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4 thoughts on “RABBIT WEEK DAY # 3

  1. Is this the kinda rabbit that lives around these parts?

  2. Yes! Once I almost caught one in my yard, but he was faster than even me!

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