Oh Sea Krait, how we like thee…

Oh Sea Krait, how we like thee..

We thought it would be fun to meet a snake today! Snakes get such a bad rap and often are very feared. Snakes are very important to the environment! Without them, rodents would overrun the earth! Did you know that some snakes live in the oceans? We went snorkeling to meet one! Come join us!


   Range/Habitat: Southern-South Eastern Asia/ tropical

oceans-coral reefs

   Diet: Carnivore: fish, eels

   Length: 3 ¼-6 ½ ft

   Conservation Status: Common


Fun Facts:

  • Banded Sea Kraits are members of the sea snake families. They spend most of their lives in the ocean.
  • Banded sea kraits are highly venomous. They are more deadly than most land snakes.
  • They are not harmful to humans, because they have short fangs and are very docile.
  • Banded sea kraits have paddle shaped tails that help them swim.
  • They come on shore to lay their eggs.

Sea kraits are incredible snakes! We saw one while we snorkeling in Indonesia! It was awesome! If you could go snorkeling what animals would you like to see?


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