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Hello and welcome to our site! We’re a small horse and elephant who love animals, education, exploration and adventure! We love to make new animal friends and share our love of nature with everyone we can! Come join along in our adventures and learn more about the wonderful world you live in and how you can help us protect it! 




Today Ellen Denegeres started the #BeKindToElephants campaign to protect wild elephants! The campaign is supporting The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust! We have been long time supporters of this amazing organization and we urge you to donate today! Together- we can help elephants! You can learn more about the trust on our conservation page!





Learn More About Us!

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Hello! I’m Ellie the Elephant! My close pals call me Eloise! I am a fun loving elephant. I love nature, going outdoors and meeting new animal friends. I’m kind, curious and reliable. I love to draw and play soccer! Writing animal trivia is a favorite hobby of mine too!

Edmond & I are best friends! We go on many adventures together all around the world. My goal is help my wild elephant friends and to share how amazing nature and all animals are, so that we can protect them.



Howdy! I’m Edmond the horse! I am silly, easy-going and cheerful! Animals are my jam! And yes, I love to dance too! edmond unicornEverybody shake it! Cheering for nature and education is one of my favorite hobbies! Puns are the best!

My best friend and fellow adventurer and educator is Ellie! She’s always keeping me focused, when I want to chase butterflies instead. I want to share my love of all the animals of world with as many people as possible. We’re here to teach everyone how to conserve the earth and all her inhabitants!

Our Mission!

Our mission is to educate, excite and enhance your knowledge of animals, nature and conservation.

We hope that our adventures inspire others to love all animals. We want to inspire people to do all they can to protect wildlife and the earth’s resources.

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