Conservation Station

Conservation Station


We here at Ellie and Edmond headquarters are committed to protecting the species of the earth! We have chosen a few special conservation organizations to support. Our main cause is to help stop the ivory trade and the poaching of elephants. A recent census of wild African shows that their numbers have drop by 30% in just a few years. There are now less than 400,000 African elephants in the wild. We are passionate about helping Ellie’s wild cousins safe for generations to come! Elephants are amazing, intelligent and social creatures. They are much more than their ivory tusks. That’s why we have chosen the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as our first conservation organization.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust raises orphan elephants, provides help for elephants injured in the wild and patrols parts of Africa to prevent poachers. They have been doing essential work to protect elephants and other wildlife! You can adopt an orphan or donate to the trust! To learn more about the Wildlife trust check out their website.

We also support the 96elephants campaign. This campaign was started by the Wildlife Conservation Society. This great organization is working to protect the world’s largest habitats with great biodiversity. The WCS also runs the Bronx Zoo and its affiliate zoos. The WCS  96elphants campaign gets its name from the number of elephants that are killed every day for their ivory, one every 15 minutes.  IMG_1288

We can help this organization help wild elephants! Learn more about their campaign on their website!


Together we can help elephants and other wildlife!

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