We’re so excited for another Super Surprise Thursday! Will today’s animal be a bird? Will it be a reptile? Or will it be mammal? It’s none of those! It’s an animal that it right at home on our Watery Wednesdays! Come meet today’s fish that takes its name from two different mammals!


Range/Habitat: Indo-Pacific Oceans/Coral Reefs

Diet:  Herbivore: algae

Length: 9-16”

Conservation Status: Common

Fun facts:

  • It’s called the Foxface Rabbitfish, because its small face resembles a fox and its diet and mouth are “rabbit-like”.
  • Foxface rabbitfish are very shy.
  • They have a single row of flat teeth for eating algae off coral reefs.
  • They have several rows of venomous spines along their dorsal fins and rear fins.  These are used to protect them from predators.
  • They are not harmful to humans, but being poked by a spine can hurt- OUCH.

Wow- the foxface rabbitfish has a funny name! If you could re-name it, what would you call it? We like bumble bee algae eating fishJ!

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