Day 21- Tomato Clownfish

Day #21 (2/20/2014) Tomato Clownfish

      We spent our first full day in Southeast Asia snorkeling in a gorgeous reef. We were looking for an anemone fish. Most people know the clownfish from “Finding Nemo”, but most don’t realize that there are other species of anemone fish! We had a great time snorkeling and checking out this city under the water. Reefs are amazing places of diversity and color! We did find the fish we were looking for and it was the Tomato Clownfish!

e & e snorkeling

Their range and habitat: West Pacific/ coral reefs

Their length: 3-5 ½”   Their status: common

They are omnivores. (plankton and algae)

tomato clownfish3

  • Tomato clownfish live with a sea anemone.
  • They have a protective mucus to protect them from the anemones stings.
  • Tomato clownfish have one white stripe.
  • A family of tomato clownfish will live in one anemone.
  • Male tomato clownfish will turn into a female when the dominate female dies.

tomato clownfish2   tomato clownfish


We just love coral reefs and time passes so quickly when you are immersed in watching all that is happening there. Tomato clownfish and their anemones make up a small part of a huge ecosystem that is rich and wonderful. We must come back here!

-Ellie and Edmond

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  1. Great photos. Thanks for sharing

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