We Are Fanimaly- Whales & Hippos

We Are Fanimaly!

It’s Hippo Day and we are doing a We Are Fanimaly! Today we are discovering that hippos closest living relative is the whale! Whaaaaaa? You ask! That’s right they share an ancient ancestor millions of years ago and then went on very different paths!


  • Hippos and Whales split on the evulotionary line about 54 million years ago.
  • Whales once had feet and walked on land, before they evolved in to fins.
  • Hippos and whales have multi-chambered stomachs. They do not regurgitate their food like rumanents though. The food works it way through the chambers before going to the true stomach.
  • Marine mammals have one lobed lungs, unlike terrestrial animals who have multi-lobed lungs. Hippos share the trait of one lobed lungs with their whale relatives.
  • Hippos also have large voice boxes that are similar to whales. They are known to make clicking noises similar to some species of whales. In fact, most hippo communication takes place under water.


Well we bet you had no idea that hippos and whales shared some seriously neat traits! As if we need more reasons to love hippos!

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One thought on “We Are Fanimaly- Whales & Hippos

  1. dangrdafne

    I need more reasons to love hippos 😉 LOL

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