Golden Bird

Golden Bird

We went on an excursion today to look for a native bird of China. These birds are hard to miss with their bright colors and golden heads.

Golden Pheasant, Tangjiahe Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China


Golden Pheasant Fun Facts: 

  • Golden pheasants can grow up to 41” long. Two-thirds of that length is tail.
  • The males are much more colorful than the females. Females are typically more brown in color.
  • These diurnal birds are omnivores. They eat leaves, grains and insects.
  • Golden pheasants spend most of their time on the ground.
  • They will roost in trees at night.
  • While they can fly, they only do so in short bursts.
  • They are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.


We enjoyed seeing this bird in the wild. You often spot them in zoos too!

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One thought on “Golden Bird

  1. dangrdafne

    It looks like a Rainbow Roadrunner. Beautiful

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