We love frogs; yes we do! We love frogs, how about you? We sure hope! Today’s Super Surprise Thursday animal is a frog if you haven’t guessed it by now. Are you ready to meet this special amphibian?


Range/Habitat: Central-South America/ponds, lakes

Diet: Carnivore: insects and invertebrates

Length: 3 ¼”-9”

Conservation Status: Common

Fun Facts:

  • South American Bullfrogs are large and powerful frogs.
  • They are yellow-brown with dark markings.
  • South American Bullfrogs are nocturnal (active at night).
  • Male frogs have spines on their thumbs to fight off other males for territories.
  • South American bullfrogs make a loud “scream” if picked up by predator!

Wow, we’d put him down to if you screamed at usJ! South American bullfrogs are quiet as big as their American cousins, but we think they’re pretty neat all the same! Do you know what sound a bullfrog makes? Try and imitate it! RIBBBIT! RIBBIT!

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