Happy Feathery Friday everyone! We hope you have had a wonderful week! We’re excited for you to meet today’s bird! This bird is called a creeper but they’re not creepy at all! Let’s meet this fun little bird!


Range/Habitat: Western United States-Alaska-Canada-Newfoundland/forests

Diet: Omnivore: insects, some seeds

Length: 5-5 ½”

Conservation Status: Common



Fun Facts:

  • Brown creepers are small little songbirds.
  • They climb up trees in a spiral pattern looking for insects in the bark. When they’re done with one tree they fly to the bottom of another one and climb it in a spiral!
  • Brown creepers have stiff tails to help them balance.
  • Both male and female parents rear the chicks!
  • Brown creepers are the only member of the treecreeper family in North America.

Brown creepers are cute little birds that like to climb trees! They go around and around and around looking for bugs! Birds are so diverse! Some eat on the ground, some eat at the tops of the trees and some spiral around the trunks! Neat!

Here what they sound like:



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