Happy Mammal Monday! Are you ready to meet a cute little animal that lives in the forest of Southeast Asia? This little animal is called a shrew, but it’s not actually a shrew. So let’s meet…


Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia/forests

Diet: Omnivore: small animals, fruits, leaves

Length/Weight: 4 ¾-5 ½”/ 1- 2 ½ oz

Conservation Status: common

Fun Facts:

  • Pygmy tree shrews are not shrews. New research shows that are more closely related to flying lemurs and lemurs.
  • They have large brains compared to their body size.
  • Pygmy tree shrews spend most of their time on the ground foraging for food. They sleep in the roots of trees or low branches.
  • They have large eyes and ears to listen and look for predators.
  • Pygmy tree shrews are diurnal (active during the day).
  • They have glands on their stomachs that they use to mark the trees in their territory.
  • Pygmy tree shrews have long tails to help them balance.
  • They also have feet and claws that are built for climbing trees.

Wow, who knew a shrew is not really a shrew? We still have tons to learn about these little animals. Isn’t it crazy that we’re still learning so much about animals! That’s another good reason to make sure we protect these animals!

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