We have a special Super Surprise Thursday for you today because it’s holiday! That’s right folks, today it is an animal holiday! HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY! Every year on February 2nd legend has it that if a groundhog comes out of his burrow and sees his shadow then there will be six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow then spring will come early! Neat! These rodents are pretty cool the rest of year too- so let’s meet them!


Range/Habitat: Alaska-Canada-United States/ grassland-woodland

Diet: Herbivore: seeds, fruits, grasses, occasional insect

Length/Weight: 12-20”/ 6 ½-11lb

Conservation Status: Common


Fun Facts:

  • Groundhogs are also known as the Woodchuck.
  • Groundhogs are rodents and are the largest member of the ground squirrel or marmot family.
  • They are excellent at climbing and swimming.
  • Groundhogs burrow in the ground.
  • They gorge all summer on food to fatten up!
  • Groundhogs hibernate in the winter.
  • They are known to whistle when threatened.

We love groundhogs and not just for their ability to predict the weather! These cool rodents get to hibernate all winter! Who wouldn’t love a long winter’s nap? Groundhogs are also pretty cute if you ask us!

Here’s some more history on Groundhog Day:

We found this fun coloring sheet:

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