Who’s up and ready to start their day with an adorable lizard? We definitely are! Bring on Reptilian Tuesday and let’s head to the hot hot desert of the South Western United States. Bring your sunglasses, a hat and some water because this lizard likes it extra hot!


Range/Habitat: Central-South West United States

Diet: Carnivore: insects, lizards

Length: 8-14”

Conservation Status: common





Fun Facts

  • Collared lizards get their name from the two black and one white stripe around their necks.
  • Collard lizards can run on their hind legs only (similar to Frilled Lizards).
  • They are most active on very hot days!
  • They have very strong jaws to help them crush through their favorite prey!
  • Collared lizards live in burrows or under rocks.
  • Collared lizards are the state reptile of Oklahoma!


These neat little lizards enjoy a climate that most of think is just way to hot! That’s what makes them special! And how cool is it that they can run on their hind legs? Ellie and Edmond wish they could do that!



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