Quack! Quack! It’s the last day of our Backyard Animal week! We sure hope you have enjoyed it! We went to our local pond to find the Feathery Friday friend. This bird is found all around the Northern hemisphere, so there’s a good chance you could have them in your backyard!


   Range/Habitat: North America-Europe-Asia/ wetlands-ponds-lakes

   Diet: Omnivores: plants, invertebrates

   Length/Weight: 20-26”/ 2 ¼-3 ¼ lb

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Mallards are most abundant ducks on earth.
  • They are the ancestor of nearly all domestic ducks.
  • Mallards are very adaptable to many different habitats.
  • Male mallards have green heads with a white neck ring and a yellow bill.
  • Female mallards are molted brown in color with a bright blue patch on their wings.
  • Mallards often eat by upending (dip heads into the water and their tails stick straight up in the air).
  • Female mallards take care of the eggs and chicks.


We just love going to our local duck pond and watch the Mallards. Their funny waddling on land and quacking makes us laugh and laugh! Do you have any Mallards in your area?




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5 thoughts on “BACKYARD ANIMAL WEEK # 5

  1. I love mallards. It’s important to remember not to feed them. The environment gives them enough food and they get loaded up on non-nutritious foods like bread. Also, their waste pollutes the ponds in which they live if they are eating people food. Don’t feed the ducks!

  2. We have a pond near to our home and I love the birdlife that congregates there.. The mallard is a beautiful creature; I especially love the colours of the male. They are both very handsome….
    I totally agree with the above statement made by Russell Smith. People enjoy feeding so many creatures yet they fail to realise (most of the time) that they are doing them an injustice…. 😉 &
    Yes, Ellie & Edmond, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your week of backyard animals… 😉

  3. We are so glad you enjoyed it! April’s theme will be hopping! Say hi to your duck friends for us!

    • I looked for them yesterday whilst I was out walking with my ‘Sweetie’ (puppy dog). The only creature enjoying the water was an Ibis, and he took off pretty quickly when he saw us coming…. I think the Mallards will be scarce from now on; the colder weather is coming…
      Looking forward to the ‘hopping’ theme. 😉

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