Yay it’s Reptilian Tuesday and we’re packing our bags and heading to Africa to meet a lizard who is brightly colored! Who’s hoping on board with us? Grab your passports and let’s go looking for lizards!


   Range/Habitat: Western to Eastern Central Africa/ grasslands, desert

   Diet: Omnivore: mainly insects with occasional vegetation

   Length: 12-16”

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Male Rainbow Lizards turn bright orange and blue when they bask in the sun.
  • Female Rainbow Lizards are grey all the time.
  • Rainbow lizards have sticky tongues to help them grasp insects.
  • They live in small social groups with a dominant male and females and less dominate males.
  • Dominate males sit on the highest point to bask and the other lizards of the group bask at lower points.
  • Male Rainbow Lizards bob their heads to attract females.
  • Female Rainbow Lizards lay around 25-30 eggs in a clutch.

Aren’t these lizards gorgeous with their bright colors? It sure is cool that they live in small social groups too. We do wonder how sticky their tongues are; who wants to test it out?

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2 thoughts on “REPTILIAN TUESDAY # 27

  1. Me….! I’d like to test it out… 😉

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