Birds come in so many bright colors and we have found a really neat one for you today! These birds are located all around the Eastern world, so let’s head to out and see if we spot a bird with purple plumage!


   Range/Habitat: Eastern Europe-Southeast Asia-Australia/ swamps, coastlines

   Diet: Omnivore: aquatic vegetation, invertebrates

   Length/Weight: 15-20”/ 18- 46oz

   Conservation Status: Common





Fun Facts:

  • Purple Swamphens have beautiful purple and black plumage.
  • They also have bright red legs and bills.
  • Purple swamphens don’t have webbed feet, but are excellent swimmers.
  • Both the male and female incubate the eggs and take their chicks.
  • Purple swamphens are regarded as noble birds in Ancient Rome
  • Hear the call.


We just love these lovely birds! If you were a bird what color would you be? Ellie loves green and Edmond wants blue!





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5 thoughts on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 27

  1. That Swamphen looks very similar to the Moorhen here’s a picture

    • They’re related! We had to look the Moorhen up, it’s a pretty bird too and looks very similar. They are both members of the Rail family!

  2. Hey Ellie and Edmond….. I’m an Aussie girl however; I haven’t seen this Aussie bird. I’ll have to investigate….! Have a great weekend …. 😉

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