April theme week is here and we are celebrating rabbits! We’re featuring a rabbit a day along with a special craft and an interview with one of our rabbit pals! So are you ready to get this week started? We sure are! Rabbits are classified as lagomorphs and include hares and picas. They have large ears and four incisors in the upper jaw. They range in size and live all over the world except Antarctica. Besides being amazing animals, they are just plain cute! We’re heading south of the border (as we like to say in the U.S.) to some volcanoes outside of Mexico City to meet today’s rabbit!


   Range/Habitat:  Central Mexico/ forests, mountains

   Diet: Herbivore: grasses

   Length/Weight: 9- 12 ½”/ 13-21 oz

   Conservation Status: endangered



Fun Facts:

  • Volcano rabbits live in pine forests near volcano peaks.
  • Volcano rabbits are one of the smallest rabbits in the world.
  • They live in small groups of 2-5.
  • Volcano rabbits have small rounded ears.
  • They build their burrows.
  • Volcano rabbits are mostly active at dusk and dawn (crepuscular).


How cute are these Volcano Rabbits? You would think with a name like that, they would breathe fire, but nope! There are efforts to make sure these little rabbits have enough habitat in their native Mexico! That is great news!


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2 thoughts on “RABBIT WEEK!!

  1. I love bunnies, but they should NOT be given as gifts at Easter!

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