Have you enjoyed meeting the rabbits so far? We just love how each rabbit is so different! And do we have a different rabbit for you today! We’re heading to the Southwestern U.S. desert to find this very fast rabbit with extra large ears!


   Range/Habitat: Southwestern United States-Mexico/ desert-shrub

   Diet: Herbivore: grasses, herbs, cacti

   Length/Weight: 18 ½-25”/ 9-13 lbs

   Conservation Status: Common





Fun Facts:

  • Black-tailed jackrabbits are also known as the American Desert Hare.
  • They are actually hares.
  • Black-tailed jackrabbits have long legs that help them move fast! They can reach speeds of up to 35 mph!
  • They are the 3rd largest hare in North America.
  • Black-tailed jackrabbits are nocturnal (active at night).
  • Black-tailed jackrabbits have huge ears. They can regulate the blood flow in their ears, which can help heat them up at night or cool them down during the day.
  • They get most of their water from the plants they eat instead of drinking it.

Wow, did you see that jackrabbit go by? They sure are fast! It is hard to miss those giant ears as they go by!

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2 thoughts on “RABBIT WEEK # 4

  1. Yeah, the original Jumpin’ Jack Flash!

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