Who loves cats? We love cats! We’re heading to the grasslands of Africa to meet today’s mammal! We’ll need our night vision goggles, because these cats are active at night! Don’t worry, these cats aren’t big enough to pounce on us!


   Range/Habitat: Africa/ grasslands, wetlands

   Diet: Carnivore: rats, rodents, frogs & birds

   Length/Weight: 23-39”/ 20-40 lbs

   Conservation Status: common

Fun Facts:

  • Servals are covered in spots.
  • Servals are solitary and nocturnal (active at night).
  • They have very long legs.
  • Servals also have very large ears and excellent hearing.
  • Servals can leap up to 13 ft horizontally; we bet they’d win the long jump competition. They can also jump about 3 ½ ft high.
  • They are considered to be very intelligent.
  • Servals can purr.

Servals are beautiful and graceful predators. They are considered to be very beneficial to local farmers because they are excellent are rodent control. Servals are now part of the pet trade. These cats can be large, wild and destructive and do not make good pets, because they aren’t domestic cats. Remember, to do your homework before getting any pet :)!

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4 thoughts on “MAMMAL MONDAY # 31

  1. I do; I love cats; cats of all shapes and sizes… and this one is a beauty.

  2. I love servals!

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