We’re going down under again to meet a very special member of the cockatoo family! These bright birds are a fun shade of pink and who doesn’t love pink? Are you ready to meet this beauty? Let’s go mate!


   Range/Habitat: Australia/ desert-grasslands- parks

   Diet: Omnivore: seeds, grasses, fruits, nuts, insects

   Length/Weight: 14”/ 300-400 grams

  Conservation Status: Common





Fun Facts:

  • Galahs are the most widespread and numerous member of the cockatoo family.
  • They have a short pink crest with a pink front and gray feathers on the wings, back and rear end.
  • Galahs are intelligent.
  • They are very noisy and gregarious.
  • Galahs form loose groups or flocks.
  • Galahs eat in those loose flocks and one bird watches for predators.


Galahs are so pretty and funny! They are very noisy too! Check out their call! Their bright pink feathers are just fantastic! These birds do make good pets, but just like other birds, they require lots of attention and maintenance, so do your homework before you decided to get one J!


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2 thoughts on “FEATHERY FRIDAY # 31

  1. Or, better yet, leave them to the wild where they belong!

    • They do belong in the wild, although it looks like they may be overpopulated in places. We just wish people who get birds as pets would do their homework. Getting them from a reputable breeder is the first step and then realizing they are lifelong commitment is the next. We did meet a Galah at the Tennessee Aquarium a few weeks ago- he was sooo cool!

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