It’s time to meet another reptile friend today and we’ve found a very teeny tiny lizard for you to meet. Grab your rain slicker, because we’re going to a rainforest! Don’t forget your magnifying glass, because these dudes are little!


   Range/Habitat: Western Central Africa/ rainforest

   Diet: Insectivore: small insects

   Length: 2 ¾-4”

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Western Pygmy Chameleons are one of the world’s smallest chameleons.
  • They have long sticky tongues to help them catch insects.
  • Western pygmy chameleons are primarily ground dwellers.
  • They are leaf-like in color and shape to help them camouflage in with their habitat.
  • Western pygmy chameleons have a small horn on their snout.
  • They have a limited ability to change their color.
  • Like other chameleons, Western pygmy chameleon’s eyes move independently of each other.

Ok, seriously we know we think all animals are cute, but you can’t deny that these tiny little lizards are just adorable. Chameleons have the most amazing ability to camouflage too! Animals are just amazing!!

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