We’re off to the grasslands of Africa today to meet a most noble ungulate! These hoofed beauties have a lush dark coat of fur and long sharp horns for protection against predators! Do you have on your safari outfit yet? Let’s head out to meet these mammals!


   Range/Habitat: Eastern Africa

   Diet: Herbivores: grass, leaves

   Length/Weight: 6 ¼-8 ¾ ft/ 330-660 lbs

   Conservation Status: common




Fun Facts:

  • Male Sable Antelopes have beautiful black coats and females have lovely chestnut brown coats.
  • They live in herds led by a dominant male.
  • Sable antelopes have long ringed horns that point backward.
  • They use the horns for protection against predators.
  • Sable antelopes never stray too far from water.
  • Calves are also chestnut in color when born and spend the first few weeks of life hidden away from the herd.
  • Male sable antelopes leave the herd when they are mature and form bachelor groups before forming a herd of their own.


These antelopes are just spectacular with their long horns and shiny black coats! It is rare for an adult to be attacked by predators because of those horns! We wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of them either! Ouch!





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