We’re going down to the banks of the Amazon River today to meet a very special mammal on this Super Surprise Thursday! Grab your bug spray, sunglasses and cameras and let’s set out to find and meet these giant animals! (*A reader asked for more pictures- so starting today we will be posting more pics with the posts! Enjoy!)


   Range/Habitat: South America/ rivers, wetlands

   Diet: Carnivores: fish, crabs

   Length/Weight:  3 ¼-6 ft/49- 71 lb

   Conservation Status: Endangered




Fun Facts:

  • Giant River otters are the largest of all freshwater otters.
  • They have webbed feet and flat wide tails to help them swim.
  • Giant river otters can close their ears and nostrils underwater.
  • Their large whiskers help them find prey in murky waters.
  • Giant river otters eat 6-9 lbs of food a day.
  • They live in small family groups that consist of 2 parents and their offspring.
  • They are very social and vocal. They use all kinds of chirps!
  • Giant river otters are diurnal (active during the day).
  • They live in dens on the banks of rivers.

Giant river otters are just the cutest! They each have a unique pattern on their throats that makes them easy to identify. Who wants to stay in the Amazon with us and study these amazing animals!


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One thought on “SUPER SURPRISE THURSDAY # 34

  1. I would take one of those home anytime.

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