We’re celebrating great animal dads this week in honor of Father’s Day! We bet you thought that animal moms did all the work, but we’ve found some most fabulous dads too! Today we are off to the rainforests of Brazil to meet a tiny little mammal who lives in the trees! These primate dads sure are cute! We’re gearing up to zipline through the rainforest canopy! You ready?


   Range/Habitat: Eastern South America-Brazil/ rainforest

   Diet: Omnivore: fruit, grubs, insects

   Length/Weight: 8-10”/ 14-29 oz

  Conservation Status: critically endangered





Fun Facts:

  • Golden Lion Tamarins have beautiful golden coats and fluffy manes around their faces.
  • They are diurnal (active during the day) and arboreal (live in the trees).
  • Golden Lion Tamarins live in small family groups led by a female-male breeding pair.
  • Mother Golden lion tamarins give birth to 1 or 2 offspring.
  • Father Golden lion tamarins take care of the babies and carry them on their backs. They give them to their mom when it’s time for feeding.

Father Golden Lion Tamarins are excellent dads! They not only carry the babies around on their backs, but they help raise them! Whew, that’s a good thing for mom, because if she gives birth to twins, she has twice the amount of work to do! Way to go dad! These tamarins are critically endangered, but zoos across the country are working very hard to save them. Read about their program here.









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2 thoughts on “DAD’S WEEK!!

  1. Way cute!

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