We’re celebrating all American animals this week in honor of July 4th! So we’ve packed up our RV and we’ll be driving all around our country looking for animals that are native to our home! We have room for everyone, so join us! Our first stop on this tour in the western plains to meet a very large mammal!


   Range/Habitat: Western-Northern United States/plains, mountains,


   Diet: Herbivore: grasses, buds, shoots

   Length/Weight: 7-11ft/ 770-2000 lbs

   Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • American Bison are also known as the American Buffalo.
  • They are tall and can reach up to 6 ½ ft high at the shoulder.
  • American bison are very fast and can run up to 37 mph.
  • They have small short horns on their heads.
  • American bison have excellent hearing and sight.
  • American bison migrate to find food.
  • Female American bison live with maternal family groups with a dominate female in charge.
  • Male American bison live in bachelor groups.

These majestic bison almost went extinct in this country. Efforts were made to save them and they now roam the American West, but there are only two truly wild herds left in Yellowstone National Park and Wood Buffalo Park in Canada. We are so glad that they’re still around! Buffalo are just too cute to miss :)!

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