We’re on a Mission! Code Name: Conservation! PHOTOS!

The first week of our first photo contest has passed and we have received some great photos from all around the world!

So here they are! If you haven’t submitted yours yet! Get them in! You have til Aug 31st!

From Happiii on Twitter! They’re growing blueberries in the garden! YUM!

From SiberianForrest on Twitter! Energy Conservation in action! MUSH!

From Skylarmoonbeam on Twitter! She’s a beekeeper! BUZZ! BUZZ!


From MrBearandRocky on Twitter! Mr. Bear recycles! YAY!


From MrBearandRocky on Twitter! Mr Bear is working on his garden! Providing habitats for wildlife!

From MrBearandRocky on Twitter. Mr Bear hugs a cactus! OUCH! 



You’ve got some stiff competition folks, so get those photos in!

So we’re having a Photo Contest! Starting on Wednesday August 1st and ending Friday August 31st,we’re asking our fans and friends to post your pictures of you participating in conservation!

We want to see you recycling, growing a butterfly garden, going to a zoo or aquarium and reading about conservation, making your own green cleaning products, filling a bird feeder or reusing an item.

These are just some of the many things you can catch on film!

You can post the photos on our Facebook wall or

tweet it to us @EllieandEdmond.






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