We’re taking a hike in Southern Europe to find a lizard that looks like a snake! Yep folks, we’ve heard that there are lizards in the world that don’t have legs! Are you ready to go exploring?


   Range/Habitat: Southeast Europe-W. Asia/ dry grasslands, rocky areas

   Diet: Carnivore: slugs, snails, invertebrates

   Length: 3 ¼-4ft

   Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • European glass lizards are legless lizards.
  • They are grey as juveniles and brown as adults.
  • European glass lizards have movable eyelids.
  • They are diurnal (active during the day).
  • European glass lizards don’t just realize their tails, they shatter it. The tail falls off in pieces in order to fool their predators.

These cool lizards think they’re fooling everyone looking like a snake! They’re not fooling this elephant and horse though! How about you?


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4 thoughts on “REPTILIAN TUESDAY # 43

  1. I don’t get it. How then are they classified as lizards?

    Speaking if snakes, heard about a 17dt python captured in the Everglades- wow!

    • We just saw the article on the python! They are very bad for the Everglades!
      The Glass lizard has true eyelids like a lizard, snakes have none & they also have remnants of hip bones as part of their skeleton :)!

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