We went to North Africa to meet a great lizard on this past Reptilian Tuesday! We’re off to the desert to meet one cool lizard! Grab your sunscreen and hat and let’s head out!


   Range/Habitat: N Africa/deserts

   Diet: Omnivore: insects/plants

   Length: 12-16”

   Conservation Status: Common




Fun Facts:

  • Spiny Dab Lizards is also known as the Spiny tailed lizard or Uromastyx.
  • Their tales are covered with spiny scales.
  • Spiny Dab lizards are often found in burrows in the desert. They will stick their tails out of the entrance of the burrow to protect it.
  • Males are very territorial.
  • They hibernate during the winter months.
  • Spiny dab lizards change their color according to the temperature of the environment. They are yellowish/gray during the winter and orange/green or red during the warmer months!
  • Spiny dab lizards come out during the day to warm themselves in the sun. They are more active during warmer periods.

Animals have some great adaptations! These awesome lizards not only have spiny tails but they can change their color! We wish we could change colors! What color would you want to be? Ellie wants to be purple :)!


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