We’re jetting off to New Guinea to find one odd looking reptile! Grab your wellies and a snack because we’re taking a walk in some freshwater rivers! Let’s do this!


   Range/Habitat: S New Guinea-North Australia/rivers-lakes

   Diet: Omnivore: fruits, fish, snails

   Length: 28-30”

   Conservation Status: vulnerable




Fun Facts:

  • Pig nosed river turtles have a pig like snout. This helps them breathe when they are submerged in water.
  • Pig nosed river turtles are also known the Fly River turtles.
  • They have flipper like limbs that resemble a sea turtle more than a freshwater turtle.
  • Pig nosed river turtles have a soft, leathery skin on top of their carapace (top shell).
  • They are unlike any other freshwater turtle alive today.
  • Pig nosed river turtles are territorial.

We think these crazy looking turtles are so cool! They look like a pig, a sea turtle and a freshwater turtle all meshed in to one animal! If you could make a mixed up animal what you would make?


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