Camp E&E part 2

Camp E&E – part 2


We had such a great time at beach camp in June! We hope everyone else did too!

As we enter the month of July, we move to our permanent camp location on the shores of Lake Salamander! So we start off this month’s camp with our camp song!

On the shores of Lake Salamander, among the old live oak…

We enjoy Camp Ellie and Edmond and the frogs that croak.

We salute you Camp E & E and all your animal friends…

All our days are each a gem.

While we sit next to the campfire, telling stories of old…

We laugh and sing and watch the stars of gold.

We love you Camp E &E and all our memories of our days…

We hold Camp E & E close to our hearts and we’ll never stray!


Let’s all sing along and unpack our bags in each campers cabin! Make sure you have your canoe ready and let’s get ready for another great month of Camp E&E!



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