Howdy Otter!

Howdy Otter!

We spent our day on a boat going around the bay. We spotted several otters swimming, eating and snoozing! What a treat!









  • Sea Otters are members of the weasel family.
  • Sea Otters live in the Pacific ocean along the North American shore and the Northern Asian shore.
  • Sea Otters spend most of their time in water. They will occasionally come ashore to rest.
  • Sea Otters’ fur is water repellent and very thick.



  • Sea Otters role in order to trap air bubbles in their fur. The air bubbles help keep them warm.
  • Sea Otters are often found floating on the surface of kelp forests. They will even wrap the kelp around themselves to keep anchored while sleeping
  • Sea Otters groom themselves constantly. This helps keep their fur clean and waterproof.
  • Sea Otters use rocks to break some of their prey, including crabs and sea urchins.









Sea Otters help keep the balance in a kelp forest. One of their favorite prey, sea urchins eat kelp; and without the otters to keep the urchin population in check, the kelp would be gone. We had such a great time watching these furry critters. It never gets old seeing otters in the wild!


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One thought on “Howdy Otter!

  1. Dangrdafne

    Otters are one of my favorites. So cute and funny. We saw a huge river otter is the Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson last month. He was such a ham for the cameras.

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