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Today we’re learning about butterflies in camp! We have some fun facts and a great poem written by Edmond! Butterflies are his favorite! It is a myth that they were originally called fluttebys, but it still makes us giggle.


  • Butterflies are insects.
  • They have six legs, two antenna and a segmented body.
  • They have 4 wings. Those wings are covered in tiny scales.
  • Butterflies have a 4 stage life cycle; egg, larva (caterpillars), pupa (chrysalis) and adult.
  • Female butterflies lay their eggs on plants.
  • Most caterpillars are herbivores, where as their adult form the butterfly is a nectar eater.
  • There are around 20,000 species of butterflies.
  • Butterflies are found on all continents except Antarctica.



Oh Butterfly- by Edmond Horse

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby

You are a gorgeous bug!

Oh Butterfly, Flufferby

You start in a cocoon so snug.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

How I love your colors so.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

We love to watch you grow.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

You have the most delicate wings.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

You make me want to sing.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

It’s time for you to pollinate.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

You are top rate!

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

You taste with your feet!

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

That is just so neat!

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

You are most special.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

You stop by each and every blossom.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

I could watch you all day.

Oh Butterfly, Flutterby,

My love for you will never stray!


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One thought on “Butterflies!

  1. dangrdafne

    Wonderful poem Edmond! Butterfly’s are one of our favorites too. So calming and so pretty.

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