Back to Basics- Habitats

Back to Basics- Habitats

We are winding down our back to basics month! We hope you have learned loads of great stuff! Today and tomorrow- we’ll be talking habitats! The earth is covered in all kinds of diverse habitats that we animals call home!

First up = terrestrial (land) habitats

Coniferous Forests: these cool dry forests are found in the northern hemisphere. They are home to trees that stay green all year round (evergreens). Wolves and moose call this their home.

coniferous forest

Deciduous Forest: these cool moist forests have trees that lose their leaves in the winter. The animals that live here change during the seasons. Bears call this forest home.

deciduous forest

Mountains: mountains have cold, steep and rocky areas. Animals that call the mountains their home must have great adaptations to survive harsh winters. The pika and mountain goat call this their home.


Temperate grasslands/prairies: these large prairies have large areas of grass for herbivores to eat. They have hot summers and cold winters. Bison call this their home. 



Tropical savannas: these tropical grasslands are found in Africa. There is a wet season and a dry season. Thousands of herbivores call this their home, including elephants.


Desert: these dry sandy rocky habitats have little plant life and little water. The animals that call this habitat home, like the camel, are adept at surviving without water for long periods.


Polar ice: these cold icy habitats are found on the poles. Some animals who call this habitat home use the oceans to survive. They must have adaptations to survive cold temperatures.


Tundra: this habitat is near the northern pole. It is frozen for most of the year, except spring and summer. Animals must migrate during winter to get food sources like grass. Reindeer call this their home.


Tropical rainforest: these lush habitats are found around the equator. They are warm and wet. They are the most bio-diverse habitats on earth. Thousands of species call the rainforest their home.

trop rainforest



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2 thoughts on “Back to Basics- Habitats

  1. I have just loved this series Thank you

  2. dangrdafne

    I love all of these habitats.

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