Snakes in the Ocean

Snakes in the Ocean

Happy Monday! We’re meeting some more snakes during our Creepy Crawlies month. We know these reptiles can be scary, but let’s remember they are important parts of the environment. Today we’re meeting a snake that lives in the ocean.


Banded Sea Krait Fun Facts: 

  • Banded sea kraits are found mostly in coral reefs.
  • They do come ashore to drink fresh water, lay their eggs and when they shed their skin.
  • These water going snakes have flatten tails to help them swim.
  • These venomous snakes mostly prey on eels.
  • Their prey- the eels, are bigger than they are and it can often take weeks to fully digest. They will haul on to land to digest their food.
  • They are considered to be shy and fairly docile.
  • Females are larger than males and can grow up to 4 feet long.


Who knew the ocean had snakes? And knew it could take weeks to digest your dinner? Crazy!

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