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Dogs in Africa

Dogs in Africa

We spent our day watching a pack of wild dogs. These amazing canines are so fascinating. Let’s learn more about them!











Date: 2/7

Location: Serengeti

African Wild Dog Fun Facts:

  • African wild dogs’ name in Latin means painted wolf.
  • They are highly social. They live in a pack with a dominate breeding pair.
  • African wild dogs hunt in packs.
  • They can reach speeds of up to 35 mph. They generally can not outrun a prey animals, but instead can wear it out.


  • Females are the ones who leave the pack when they are mature adults.
  • The entire pack eats together with no show of aggression to each other.
  • The pack also helps raise the pups.








These gorgeous canines need a large territory. Unfortunately as their habitat disappears, so do the dogs. Many zoos in the US are working with partners in Africa to make sure these dogs are around for future generations.

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