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Happy Chinese New Year! It’s the Year of the Dragon and we’re celebrating with a dragon themed week! That’s right folks, all the animals we feature this week will have dragon in their name! Pretty awesome! Believe us when we say that finding these five animals wasn’t easy, there are no mammals or birds with dragon in their names! But we did find some reptiles! So are you ready to meet your first dragon? Let’s do this!


Range/Habitat: Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam-Chinese/rainforests

Diet: Omnivore: insects, vegetation

Length: 2 ½-3 ft

Conservation Status: common


Fun Facts:

  • Thai Water Dragons are also known as Chinese water dragons.
  • They are arboreal (spend most of their time in trees).
  • Thai water dragons are excellent swimmers! They often drop into water to escape predators.
  • They have a raised hump on their neck and a row of spikes down their backs.
  • Male Thai water dragons are often brighter in color than females. Their color brightens during mating season.
  • Thai water dragons are ambush predators.
  • Their tails make up nearly two-thirds of their length.


We think Thai water dragons are pretty neat! Not only are they cute, but they can climb trees and swim too! Wow, these reptiles are athletic and amazing! And they’re pretty cute for dragons J!








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