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Bat Time!

Bat Time!

We headed out on a nighttime adventure looking for some flying mammals of Hawaii. We found these furry fliers and couldn’t have been more excited.


Hoary Bat Fun Facts: 

  • The little bats grow up to 6 inches long and weigh just under a pound.
  • Females weigh almost double what the males do.
  • They get their name from the their white tipped fur. Hoary means grayish-white.
  • They have no fur on the underside of their wings.
  • These insectivores use echolocation to find their prey. Their echolocation can be heard by the human ear.
  • Hoary bats are the only native Hawaiian island mammal. All other native mammals are marine mammals.
  • These mostly solitary bats roost in dense trees.
  • Hoary bats are listed as Least Concern by the IUCN.


We love bats, especially these little guys. Some people think bats are ugly, but we can’t disagree more! These moth eaters are the cutest. Don’t you agree?

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