We’re back on our regularly scheduled program today! Happy Mammal Monday and man do we have a neat one today! This mammal lives in the desert, has very large ears and can JUMP! Do you have on your safari outfit, because we’re heading to Africa! Let’s gooooo!


Range/Habitat: Western Central Africa-Middle East/desert-grasslands

Diet: Carnivore: rodents, hares, birds

Length/Weight: 22-36”/13-42lb

Conservation Status: Common


Fun Facts:

  • Caracals are also called the desert lynx.
  • Caracals have large ears with tufts of fur on them.
  • They are the heaviest and fastest cat of all the small cats!
  • Caracals are excellent jumpers! They can jump up to 10ft vertically in the air!
  • Caracals can jump in the air and catch birds in flight! WOW!
  • They are mostly nocturnal (active at night).


Caracals are beautiful small cats! These excellent predators are quiet skilled! Ellie would like to have one on her basketball team, because they obviously can slam dunk!



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