Happy Reptilian Tuesday! We’re excited for you to meet today’s reptile! This special tortoise has a spectacular shell! We have to head all the way to India to find this beauty! Do you have your board pass? Time to go!


Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia-India/scrub-grasslands

Diet: Herbivore: grasses, fruit, flowers

Length: up to 11”

Conservation Status: common- near threatened


Fun Facts:

  • Indian Star Tortoises have raised bumps on their carapaces (top shell).
  • Each scute* is mountain shaped.
  • Each scute has star shaped markings.
  • Indian Star Tortoises’ shells are actually yellow with brown/black covering the yellow.
  • They have a life span from 30-80 years old.

Wow! Aren’t Indian Star Tortoises beautiful? We love their bumpy shells with their star patterns! These tortoises are super stars!



*Here’s a good illustration of a turtle’s shell anatomy!


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