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Doing Some Geometry

Doing Some Geometry

We headed out today with a local tracker to find a species that is critically endangered. We did find one of these special animals and we couldn’t wait to share more about them with you!


Geometric Tortoise Fun Facts: 

  • These tortoises grow put to 6 inches long.
  • They have a geometric, radiating pattern on their shell that help them camouflage.
  • These herbivores eat flowers, leaves and shoots.
  • Once thought to be extinct, a small population (around 2,000-3,000) was found in the west cape of the country.
  • They are thought to be aestivate (be dormant) in the summer.
  • Females are larger than males, but have shorter tails.
  • They are highly protected by the local conservation organizations and the government.

We were super excited to spot this little rare tortoise. They are shy, so we had to be very quiet and patient. We were lucky to have such a great tracker with us. We wonder who we might find tomorrow.

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Happy Reptilian Tuesday! We’re excited for you to meet today’s reptile! This special tortoise has a spectacular shell! We have to head all the way to India to find this beauty! Do you have your board pass? Time to go!


Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia-India/scrub-grasslands

Diet: Herbivore: grasses, fruit, flowers

Length: up to 11”

Conservation Status: common- near threatened


Fun Facts:

  • Indian Star Tortoises have raised bumps on their carapaces (top shell).
  • Each scute* is mountain shaped.
  • Each scute has star shaped markings.
  • Indian Star Tortoises’ shells are actually yellow with brown/black covering the yellow.
  • They have a life span from 30-80 years old.

Wow! Aren’t Indian Star Tortoises beautiful? We love their bumpy shells with their star patterns! These tortoises are super stars!



*Here’s a good illustration of a turtle’s shell anatomy!


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