It’s February theme week and we’re celebrating Valentine’s! We’ll be featuring animals who mate for life all week! So get ready to show some love for some fabulous pairs of animals! We have a lovely primate for Valentine’s Mammal Monday! These apes live in the rainforest of Asia and are known for their songs! Everyone look up, they’re swinging in the trees!


    Range/Habitat: Southeast Asia/ mountains-forests-rainforest

    Diet: Omnivore: fruit, leaves, insects

    Length/Weight: 16-23”/ 10-17 lbs

    Conservation Status: Endangered






Fun Facts:

  • White Handed Gibbons are apes. They do not have tails!
  • White handed gibbons are arboreal (live in trees).
  • They truly swing through the trees. This is called brachiation.
  • White handed gibbons have opposable thumbs and toes to help them grip vines and branches!
  • They often pair/mate for life.
  • Each pair of white handed gibbons has an individual song/call that they use to locate each other in the rainforests.
  • White handed gibbons coloration varies from black to brown to tan.
  • White handed gibbons life span is 25-30 years.


White handed gibbons are fabulous! We love their songs and the way they swing through the trees! Wouldn’t it be fun to swing like that? If you were a gibbon what would be the song you shared with your sweetie? We’re still deciding!

Check out this video of a gibbon calling and swinging through his enclosure!

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