Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! We searched high and low for a reptile that mates for life. Man, who knew this would be so hard! But we did find one- sort of J! We’re heading to the land down under, so pack your bags! Let’s go to the outback!


   Range/Habitat: Australia/ desert- scrub

   Diet: Omnivore: insects, snails, fruits

   Length: 12-14”

   Conservation Status: Common




Fun Facts:

  • Shingleback Skinks are also called the Stumptailed Skink.
  • Shingelback skinks have short stumpy tails.
  • Their tails store fat.
  • Shingleback skinks are covered in heavy scales that are like armor.
  • They “smell” with their tongue, just like snakes do!
  • Shingleback skinks are slow moving.
  • Mating pairs of shingleback skinks spend 8 weeks together to breed. Then come back together the next year to breed again. Even though they do not spend all year together, they do keep the same mate year after year.


Shingleback skinks are really cool looking. We think their fat tails kind of look like their heads J! We couldn’t find out how the two find each other every year, but it sure is cool that they do! Ah, lizard love!





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