We’ve only got two days of our Valentine’s theme week left and today we have a beautiful bird! You might not have to travel far to see these guys, as they live on every continent except Antarctica! Who is ready to meet these lovelies? We are!


    Range/Habitat: Every continent except Antarctica/ lakes-ponds

    Diet: Omnivore: plants, insects

    Length/Weight: up to 5ft/ 20-25 lbs

    Conservation Status: Common




Fun Facts:

  • Mute Swans are one of the heaviest flying birds on earth and the 2nd largest member of the waterfowl family.
  • Mute swans have pure white feathers.
  • They have webbed feet that help them swim.
  • Their long necks help them reach to deep depths to get food that ducks and other birds cannot reach.
  • Mute swans mate for life.
  • Their chicks are called cygnets and both male and female mute swans take care of the cygnets.
  • Mute swans have up to 25,000 feathers!


You may recognize the Mute Swan from the story of “The Ugly Duckling”. These beautiful birds are so fun to watch.  Did you know that they are the National Bird of Denmark? Pretty cool!





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