It’s Friday and the last day of our Valentine Theme Week! We hope you have enjoyed it! We have a found a very special bird for you today! These birds are the garbage men of the wild! Let’s meet this spectacular bird!



    Range/Habitat: United States-South America/ open land, grasslands, forests

    Diet: Carnivore: carrion, eggs

    Length/Weight: 22-27”/ 3-6 lbs

    Conservation Status: Common







Fun Facts:


  • Black vultures are new world vultures; they inhabit North and South America.
  • They are scavengers and mainly dine on carrion (dead animals).
  • Black vultures lack normal vocal cords, so they hiss and grunt!
  • Both male and female Black vultures take care of the chicks.
  • Black vultures are highly social and form family groups.
  • They most often hunt by sight.

Who doesn’t love vultures? Well, if you don’t you should learn too! These social birds are great at cleaning up! Remember every animal has their place in the ecosystem and each ecosystem needs decomposers and garbage birds J!

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