Woohoo, it’s Watery Wednesday and we have found a fish that has a reptile in its name! So is it a fish or it is a reptile? Well, let’s find out together! Get your diving gear on because we’re going into the ocean!



    Range/Habitat: Pacific-Eastern Atlantic & Indian Oceans

    Diet: Carnivore: small fish, squid and shrimp

    Length: 3 ½ ft

    Conservation Status: Near threatened





Fun Facts:

  • Crocodile Sharks are small sharks with short pointed snouts.
  • They have large eyes.
  • Crocodile sharks can extend their toothy jaws to grab prey!
  • They follow prey to the surface at night then go back to the deep during the day.
  • Not much is known about Crocodile sharks behavior.


These small ferocious looking sharks are still a bit of a mystery to scientist! We think they’re just cool! What do think about these crazy big eyed fish?





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2 thoughts on “WATERY WEDNESDAY # 25

  1. Sean

    Very interesting! I don’t know much about crocodile sharks, so it’s always nice to learn! Thanks for posting, guys!

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