Ellie and Edmond Go to the Movies!

Ellie and Edmond Go to the Movies!

We’re starting a new feature today! We’re going to review animal movies every other week! We love animals and animal movies! We’re kick-starting Ellie and Edmond Go to the Movies with “The Lorax”!

“The Lorax” is based on the famous book by none other than Dr Suess himself!

The premise: A boy named Ted lives in a town named Thneedville. Thneedville has no nature, no trees, no bugs and no flowers. (Man who wants to live in such a horrid place!) Ted has a crush on a girl named Audrey, who dreams of a town full of real live trees and fresh air. Ted’s grandmother tells him of the Once-ler who lives outside the city walls. Ted goes to visit the Once-ler to learn why Thneedville is void of trees. The Onceler tells Ted a tale of the how Thneedville was stripped of its famous truffula trees how a little forest creature named The Lorax tried to protect the forest and its inhabitants.

Now that’s a very basic premise, but you get the idea and we don’t want to spoil any part of the movie for you! We have always loved Dr Suess and his books and we love “The Lorax” because it’s about protecting our planet. The movie does a good job of conveying the message that nature is important for many reasons, including for our health.  When the Once-ler comes to the forest there are birds and fish and bears who live there, but once he cuts down all the truffula trees the animals no longer have a habitat. Also once the trees are gone, the people of Thneedville must buy fresh air, because there are no trees to clean the air!

Wow, can you imagine a world with no trees? We really liked the movie. The characters were great, especially Ted’s grandmother and The Lorax. The bears in the forest were really funny, especially the large round one! And our favorite was the singing chorus of fish! We would have like to have heard more of the original lines from the book, just because nobody beats Dr Suess on rhyming. The music was great and Edmond was tapping his toes on the way out of the theater! We definitely recommend checking “The Lorax” out! We love the message that just one person can change the world and we especially loved the dancing and singing animals!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” –Dr Suess’ The Lorax

Ellie give it 3 trunks up out of 4  for a great message!

Edmond gives it 3 horseshoes out 4  for great tunes and singing fish!

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6 thoughts on “Ellie and Edmond Go to the Movies!

  1. Great review guys…. I would love to see the singing fish…!
    This is such a coincidence… today I was going to ask which of you is Ellie and which is Edmond…. Now I know… 🙂

    • Ellie is the cute one :)! Has the movie come out in Australia yet?

      • I think you are both cute…. 😉
        It is to be released March 29… We haven’t any ‘little ones’ to take to such a cute movie… we’ll have to wait and see it on DVD in a few months time when it comes to our local store… The trailer looks goooood… 😉

  2. Thanks for the review. I was hesitating. The Lorax is not my favorite story. It’s rather a depressing one. Dr. Seuss got less entertaining and more serious as he grew older. I suppose that’s what maturity does to you.

  3. I can tell this is going to be another popular series by the cute ones. 🙂 We don’t have kids around the house but I’ve got little nieces who love watching movies. This will come in handy when I visit and need something to bring to them. Thanks, Ellie & Edmond. 🙂

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