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Interview with Zack the Rabbit!

We’re wrapping up Rabbit Week with an interview with our pal Zack the Rabbit, who has an internet show called Cooks with Rabbits every Saturday! Let’s all sit down and get to know Zack and his pals!

E & E: Hi Zack! Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi, I’m Zackary Rabbit. I’m the chef on “Cooking with Rabbits – Rabbits are the CHEF; NOT the Meal!!” #cookinwifrabbits a twitter cooking show airing every saturday afternoon (3:30pmEDT).
I live with a bunch of stuffed bunnies on my Plushateer’s bed and take care of my Plushateer. We bunnies make short movies, take lots of funny pictures and I also draw a #webcomic called “It Must Be A Tuesday” that I post each Tuesday. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games.
We like to make people laugh with our silly photos and just share our adventures with the rest of the anipal community.

E & E: Wow! All of those activities must keep you busy! That is so nice that you take care of your Plushateer and work so hard to make people laugh! How are old are you?

I’m going to be 12 in April this year! Holy bun, I’m an old rabbit! hahaha!!

E & E: You’re not old! Twelve is a fun age! Do you have any brothers/ best friends?

I have many brothers. Rufus is my partner in crime. He’s younger and a bit naive, but he’s good to have around when you need to blame something on someone! Haha! Rufus’ favourite thing is food – any food – and he helps me on my cooking show because he gets to eat at the end.
Big Guy or BG is another brother. He’s twice the size of me. Big Guy enjoys watching movies and cuddling. He’s second in line for plushateer-support.
I have many, many other brothers; you can see some of them here.
As for furrends, I have the most bunnderful furrends on twitter!! The community there is so magical. They are there to laugh with you and cry with you, no matter if it’s sunny days or cloudy days. Without them, I would not be the rabbit I am today. What more can I say?

Zack and his pals!


E & E: Rufus is a great friend to have! Having so many anipals on twitter is great! They can make you smile!

We just love Cooks with Rabbits! How did you get started?

Cooking with Rabbits started in kind of a funny way. My ITGuy enjoys cooking, but seldom has the time. So every Saturday, we tried to put aside some time to try a new recipe, or make something different. We’d take pictures of the finished food and send them to ITGuy’s cousin to make him jealous! *giggles* (We kept inviting the cousin, but he was always busy, so we wanted to show him what he was missing!! Wahahah!!) As time went on, I’d include preparation pics and it became a series of how-to photos. Twitter furrends started enjoying the show so much; we continued to make them every week. This year is our 4th year!! WOW!

E &E: Wow, four years is a long run! We hope to enjoy many more!

Which episode is your favorite?

My favourite episode…it’s hard to choose, I loved making so many of them.. hmm…but I’d probably say Chocolate Chip Cookies or Banana Bread. Those are some of my favourite recipes, and the more “risqué” pics in those episodes got a lot of attention (and giggles from the “pawdience” hee hee).

E & E: We love the Banana Bread episode too!

Have you ever had an accident in the kitchen?

I’ve never had an accident cooking in the kitchen, but one time plushateer (who carries me all the time, everywhere), opened the fridge to get something, and someone had left a half-drunk bottle of raspberry cooler open in there. She accidentally knocked it, and in trying to catch the bottle before it smashed on the floor, the pink coloured cooler landed mostly on my face!! UGH!! I had to have a spin in the dreaded washing machine after that to get out the smell and colour!! Grr!! (I hate the washing machine, if you haven’t figured that out yet. heh.)

Somebunny loves carrots!

E & E: Ack! The dreaded washing machine is scary!

You’re always dressed so nice! Do you have a stylist?

Yes, I do have a stylist! Snuffy Norton (@snuffynorton) is the designer of Bearmani clothing, custom clothing for stuffed bears and animals. He makes a lot of my clothes for me. Otherwise, if I’m feeling lazy, I’ll wear BABW (build a bear workshop) jeans and hoodies.

Zack looks great in his chef's outfit!

E &E: Snuffy knows how to make a snappy outfit!

What’s your favorite part of doing the Cooks with Rabbits show?

A Cooking with Rabbits shows take about an average about 6-8 hours to make. Making the food, and posing for each pictures, then editing photos, creating animations, or adding backgrounds if required… all take quite a long time to do. Not to mention, the hare and make up before and clean up afterwards! Heh. But my favourite part of making my cooking shows? Paws-down, is reading the comments that people leave afterwards. It makes me so happy that my show brings laughter and smiles to so many people. When I see those silly comments by furrends and fans that makes me feel like it’s all worth it. 🙂

Zack with his new puppy- Mia!

E & E: Wow! It sure takes a long time to make an episode! We sure are glad that you work so hard to make them! We sure do love them and we know that there are loads of fans out there that really enjoy them too! Thanks for doing an interview with us! You’re the best!

You can find Zack the Rabbit products on his zazzle page- with the #cookinwifrabbits pics.. the aprons are quite popular as are the mugs! *hugs*

You can follow Zack on twitter @ZackRabbit and be sure that you check out his website for new episodes! Zack also has a YouTube channel with some AMAZING videos! The Mission Impossible Video is our Favorite!

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Ellie and Edmond Go to the Movies!

Ellie and Edmond Go to the Movies!

We’re starting a new feature today! We’re going to review animal movies every other week! We love animals and animal movies! We’re kick-starting Ellie and Edmond Go to the Movies with “The Lorax”!

“The Lorax” is based on the famous book by none other than Dr Suess himself!

The premise: A boy named Ted lives in a town named Thneedville. Thneedville has no nature, no trees, no bugs and no flowers. (Man who wants to live in such a horrid place!) Ted has a crush on a girl named Audrey, who dreams of a town full of real live trees and fresh air. Ted’s grandmother tells him of the Once-ler who lives outside the city walls. Ted goes to visit the Once-ler to learn why Thneedville is void of trees. The Onceler tells Ted a tale of the how Thneedville was stripped of its famous truffula trees how a little forest creature named The Lorax tried to protect the forest and its inhabitants.

Now that’s a very basic premise, but you get the idea and we don’t want to spoil any part of the movie for you! We have always loved Dr Suess and his books and we love “The Lorax” because it’s about protecting our planet. The movie does a good job of conveying the message that nature is important for many reasons, including for our health.  When the Once-ler comes to the forest there are birds and fish and bears who live there, but once he cuts down all the truffula trees the animals no longer have a habitat. Also once the trees are gone, the people of Thneedville must buy fresh air, because there are no trees to clean the air!

Wow, can you imagine a world with no trees? We really liked the movie. The characters were great, especially Ted’s grandmother and The Lorax. The bears in the forest were really funny, especially the large round one! And our favorite was the singing chorus of fish! We would have like to have heard more of the original lines from the book, just because nobody beats Dr Suess on rhyming. The music was great and Edmond was tapping his toes on the way out of the theater! We definitely recommend checking “The Lorax” out! We love the message that just one person can change the world and we especially loved the dancing and singing animals!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” –Dr Suess’ The Lorax

Ellie give it 3 trunks up out of 4  for a great message!

Edmond gives it 3 horseshoes out 4  for great tunes and singing fish!

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