We’re heading to the chilly Arctic today to meet today’s rabbit! Actually this animal is a hare! Hares are members of the lagomorph family. They usually have larger ears than rabbits and live in nests above ground vs burrows. Hares also have babies that are born with hair and open eyes. Today’s hare lives in a very snowy climate! Put on your cold weather coat and snow shoes and let’s meet today’s hare!


Range/Habitat: N Canada- Greenland/ snowy arctic tundra

Diet: Herbivore: grasses, moss, lichen, shrubs

Length/Weight: 17- 26”/ 6 ½-15 lbs

Conservation Status: common



Fun Facts:

  • Arctic hares are built to live in cold climates.
  • They have thick coats of fur that turn brown-gray in the summer and white in the winter to help them camouflage.
  • Arctic hares have large feet that help them walk in the snow.
  • Arctic hares have smaller ears to help them regulate their body heat, smaller ears lose less heat!
  • They hide in rocky outcrops and crevices.
  • Arctic hares are fast, they can go as fast as 40 mph!


Arctic hares have beautiful white coats! It has to be hard to see them in all of that snow! These hardy rabbits have some great adaptations for living in a harsh climate! Now, who’s ready to warm up with hot apple cider? It’s Edmond’s specialty!




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2 thoughts on “RABBIT WEEK DAY # 2

  1. These are beautiful! Isn’t it amazing how the rabbits look so alike and yet have distinctive differences depending on what part of the world they live in.

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