We’re staying in the ocean from our trip yesterday and we’re going to find a fish! Specifically we want to find a cartilaginous fish (their skeleton is made of cartilage)! Be careful where you step because these sharks like to bury themselves in the sand!


   Range/Habitat: Western North Atlantic/ ocean

   Diet: Carnivore: crustaceans, fish

   Length/Weight: up to 5 ft/ up to 60 lbs

   Conservation Status: Common



Fun Facts:

  • Angel sharks have flat bodies and wide heads.
  • They have wing like pectoral fins.
  • Their eyes are on top of their head and their gill slits are on the bottom.
  • Angel sharks bury themselves in the sand.
  • Angel sharks are also called the Sand Devil.
  • Angel sharks are ambush predators.
  • They have powerful jaws and teeth.

Angel sharks are beautiful fish! There are several different species and they each have different patterns that help them camouflage into the sandy bottom. Luckily these sharks are protected in the waters off the United Kingdom!





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2 thoughts on “WATERY WEDNESDAY # 33

  1. Angel….. devil….. make up your mind! *giggles*

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