We’re honoring all those moms out there this week by showcasing some amazing animal moms! Who’s excited? We sure are! There are so many cool animal and human moms out there! We’re starting off the week with the world’s largest land mom out there! That’s right folks; we are focusing on Ellie’s family today! Are you ready to meet a giant mammal mom? Grab your gear we’re going to Africa to meet the Ellie’s relatives!


   Range/Habitat: Africa/ grasslands, savannas

   Diet: Herbivores: grass, leaves, roots, bark

   Length/Weight: 13-16 ft/ 4 ½-7 6/8 tons

   Conservation Status: threatened

Fun Facts:

  • African elephants are the largest of all elephant species and are the largest land animal on earth!
  • Both female and male African elephants have tusks!
  • African elephants have two opposable tips on the end of their trunks.
  • African elephants live in herds, led by the oldest female. The herd consists of related females and their offspring. Adult male African elephants are solitary.
  • An elephant’s gestation period (how long the mom is pregnant) is around 22 months! The is the longest pregnancy period of any mammal.
  • Newborn elephants weigh around 200 lbs. Man that is one big baby!
  • Newborn elephants drink around 3 gallons of milk a day!
  • Calves are totally dependent on their moms for the up to the first 3 years of life.
  • Elephants stay with their moms for around 16 years; they spend of most of that time learning to be an elephant!

WOW! Aren’t elephant moms amazing! Can you imagine being pregnant for almost 2 years of your life? It takes loads of hard work to raise a baby elephant! Luckily moms have help from the other females in the herd! It takes a herd to raise a baby elephant! Ellie salutes all the elephant moms out there!

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4 thoughts on “MOMS MAMMAL MONDAY

  1. I watched a Nature show on Echo’s death and life. It had quite an impact.

  2. Anonymous

    This is such a fantastic idea!

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